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Seven-Day Manifest Practice

One of the most important pieces of manifestation is the embodiment of the feelings.

If you can FEEL - in your heart, in your body - that which you are trying to manifest, you will boost your creator powers that much more.

This is a practice we shared during June's Mystical Moon Circle Book Club. While it was absolutely lovely to share this process live with other Moon Sisters, we also want to share it with all of you who couldn't make it to the Circle.

Even though we called this the "7-Day Manifestation Practice" it's really the "As Many Days as You Like Meditation Practice." Try this for one day or three or thirty. There is no right or wrong way to practice - there is only your way!

Here we go!

Grab a pen and paper, and sit comfortably in a quiet safe space.

Write down what you would like to manifest.

Think about how this manifestation makes you feel….

In your mind?

In your body?

In your heart?

Write it down.

Imagine your manifestation has come in - see it, feel it, live it in your mind’s eye. Write down any feelings or thoughts that come up. The FEELING is what you will manifest.

Notice any negative feelings or statements that come up for you.

These are your limiting beliefs. Write these down too.

Now - rephrase those beliefs. Re-write them.

Change “I can't” to “I can.” Change impossible to 100% possible.

Save these new phrases - memorize them. These are your power statements.

Go back to those yummy feelings you get when you visualize your manifestation.

Can you think of 2-3 ways you can bring that feeling up in your every day?

Maybe it's giving yourself a big hug. Maybe it's reciting affirmations or certain mudras or a visualization exercise. Maybe it's walking around your house as if it is your dream house or saying to yourself in the mirror, "you look GOOD girl, Dang!" It just needs to be something that helps you FEEL the feeling your manifestation will bring. Write these down. These will be part of your daily practice for the next week.

Now - let's turn this all into practice. At least once a day for the next seven days (or as often feels right to you - remember there is no right way or wrong way to do any of this):

  • Give yourself at least 10 minutes alone. Pick the same time each day if you can.

  • Think about your manifestation.

  • Imagine it is already here - you've got it, you called it in. Feel those feels!

  • Hold that feeling. See it. feel it. Touch it. Role play it, for a minute, for five minutes - however long you've got.

  • When your brain calls in limiting beliefs - state your power statements out loud at least three times.

  • Do the thing(s) that recreate the feelings of your manifestation.

  • Thank god/spirit/mother earth/ whatever works for you for aligning you with your goals and bringing them to life. Feel the gratitude. LIVE in the gratitude that you already have what you want.

  • Practice this every day from the new moon on for 7 days - or for as long as feels right to you.

When the feel moon comes, release your intentions to the universe, trusting that your higher self provides all that you desire for your highest good.

Love and Moon Blessings,


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