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New Moon in Virgo - Insights & Oracles

Just as the oracle cards tell stories, so does the path of the moon as it moves from fullness to shadow, through each sign of the zodiac. The New Moon in Virgo invites us to dive deep into the shadowy corners of our heart - our soul - on both personal and collective levels. It's time to face those parts of ourselves we tend to hide -it's time to own and embrace the wholeness - and in that act of true love, we will find clarity. As you consider what you invite into your life - what new you are calling in with this new moon? What parts of yourself - what parts of humanity - do you wish to call into the light, to illuminate and integrate? Join us for the Mystical Moon Book Circle on Friday, August 27th, as we explore this theme further in a sacred space of collaboration, connection and love. Email to sign up. With love and many, many moon blessings,

Leslie and Merrill

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