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New Moon in Scorpio: Insights and Oracles

Deep dive into the void - this new moon and partial solar eclipse invite you to open the door into....whatever your heart desires. These next two weeks - from the New Moon on October 25, through the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on November 8, is all about letting go of what you have been tolerating, what you allow to take up space in your life even though it's not what is best for you.

Let it go and then dive deep into the stillness, the void of this two-week passage. When it's just you and eternal space, ask your heart - what is its true desire? Then go get it.

There are two opportunities this week to join us in sacred space and explore these lunar elliptical energies together:

Merrill's guided meditation group "Messages from the Masters and Beyond."

Monday, October 24, 2022

715pm ET - 8:15pm ET (Virtually)

Cost: $20.00

To learn more contact Merrill at 914 793-2600 or at

Mystical Moon Book Circle with Leslie & Merrill

Friday, October 28

7:15pm - 8:30pm ET

Cost - $22

To learn more contact Merrill at 914 793-2600 or at

Both of these events are sure to be deep, energizing, and clarifying. We hope you can joinus.

With love and moon blessings,

Leslie and Merrill

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