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"New Moon In Pisces 2022"

Happy New Moon! Here's a little poem for this moon. Feel free to use it as part of your moon ritual

“New Moon In Pisces 2022”

“Open up your crown to the divine

I promise you…

It will be sublime.

Search for compassion & forgiveness for all.

Dream Big!

You will not fail or fall!

Close your eyes and blow out your wishes.

While learning to swim and flow;

With the pisces fishes

Reflect on the past on what once tore you apart.

Express and share;

So you may have a brand new start.

It’s never too late for a Do-Over.

You can rewrite your present and future and

Watch how you become a great shape shifter.

Plant your passions

And watch them bloom…

Your dreams will flourish very soon."

© 2/27/22 Merrill Black, LCSW/Reiki Master/Hypnotherapist/RYT/LFYP-2

Co-Author of 2022 Mystical Moon Journal with Leslie Lee

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