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May's Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio - Insights & Oracles

Even though the full moon was technically Monday (in the wee morning hours) the vibes are still intense and we're still feeling it the next fact with eclipses, we'll be watching the effects roll out for the next six months. The Scorpio full moon pulls us in deep to heal old wounds - from this life, past lives, and our ancestor's lives.

Pay attention to:

  • People, memories, moments from your past that need closure, forgiveness, or healing

  • Triggers and emotional reactions - these are clues for your own transformation

  • Feeling tired, drained, or even unwell - emotional healing is hard work! Rest and restore your physical body too.

Lean on:

  • Rose Quartz for self-love and healing

  • Yarrow for protection and trusting intuition

  • Lavender Oil - rest and restore

  • Frankincense: Grounding & purification

  • Affirmations

With love and moon blessings,

Leslie & Merrill

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