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Join us for the first Mystical Moon Monthly Book Circle!


Friday January 28, 2022 7:15pm - 8:30pm ET 4:15pm - 5:30pm PT Cost - $22 each month Meets the last Friday of every month ​ A monthly gathering of community, inspiration, and reflection using the Mystical Moon Journal as a guide. ​ Join the Mystical Moon Community to

  • Share observations, insights from the past month, and

  • Explore new rituals and practices to add to your practice

  • Create clear intentions and goals for the month ahead

​ Each month, we weave astrology, oracle readings, ritual, and community to deepen our practice, enhance our manifestations, and encourage transformation. ​ Our intention is to create a sacred, loving space where we can grow and evolve together. ​ TO REGISTER

  1. $22 registration fee via Zelle to Merrill Black at

  2. You will receive a Zoom Link a day or two before the event.

  3. Advance registration is much appreciated so we can plan each session accordingly.

  4. Questions or Requests? Contact us -

May you join us on this Mystical Moon Journey! ​ LOVE, LIGHT, & MOON BLESSINGS, MERRILL & LESLIE

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