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How to Make a Manifestation Bowl

…and bring your intentions to life!

Tap into your creative power and bring your intentions to life with Manifestation Bowls!

Manifestation bowls are containers, filled with meaningful representations of what you want to bring into your life, charged with intention.

The only rule to creating a manifestation bowl is that you make the rules! The magic is in the intention and the use of your creativity.

Here's how to do it!

Settle into your body for a few moments. Take a few deep breaths, perhaps practice a mudra or simply take a few deep breaths.

Think about what you would like to manifest. Perhaps use a process of inquiry - ask yourself

  • What are you looking to illuminate in your life?

  • What are you looking to heal?

  • Where do you want to move forward in your life?

  • What epiphanies have you had about your life - relationships, money, creativity?

  • How do you want to manifest this in a grounded earthly way?

Write down what you will manifest on a piece of paper, a leaf, or a small piece of cloth.

You can be specific, "I want a new job by end of the month," or more general," May I be guided on the path of my highest good at all times."

Choose a bowl or container that is meaningful to you. It can be a dish, a tray, a jar, even a bottle or a hollowed-out orange peel, a hand-shaped bowl, or a piece of fabric - anything you like.

Then, think about items that are easily accessible to you and represent your dreams and goals. You can use whatever you like - crystals, stones, or shells. Leaves, dried herbs, flowers. Money, drawings, notes, or feathers. Moonwater, flower essences, rainwater - be creative and let your intuition guide you. You'll also want to think of something to use as a base for your bowl, to set the items on. Again - anything intentional will do. For example, use sea salt (purity) rice (abundance) or sand (grounding). You can tear up little bits of paper, uses leaves - whatever you like!

Lastly, write down your desire, a poem, prayer, or chant about the blessings you want to receive. Be specific, use the present tense "I am" as opposed to "I will." Words have power - writing something down makes it true.

Gather your items and prepare to build your manifestation bowl.

  1. Settle into your heart and body

  2. If you like, smudge or cleanse your bowl.

  3. Add the base ingredient(s) to your bowl

  4. Place your items in your container in a meaningful way. Be thoughtful, intentional, and in a heart space of gratitude and appreciation as you place the items in the container.

  5. Don’t clutter the bowl, more items do not equal greater success.

  6. Say a prayer, meditate, or whatever feels right to you, then place the bowl in a prominent or meaningful place.

  7. Visit your bowl as often as you like, with honor and grace in your heart. You can add items, or take some away, move it to another location - no rules! Then, when you are ready, dismantle the bowl in a way that feels right to you.

Let us know in the comments below if you make a manifestation bowl!

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