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Full Moon in Capricorn - Insights and Oracles

Hey there mystical moon friends! Merrill and Leslie are here with another moon check-in.

Things may feel heavy now - we are feeling it too! But that's because we are moving through some heavy old energies. In this video, we talk a little bit about the themes of this Capricorn Supermoon and how those themes appear collectively and personally.

Keywords for this moon include: let go (like for reals -just drop whatever you have been holding on to that is not working anymore), ancestral healing, forgiveness, clarity, and illumination. Work is hard but the payoff is worth it! If you are craving some (virtual) face-to face interaction with other like-minded souls, Merrill will host a guided meditation on Zoom this Friday - Messages from the Masters and Beyond. These small group meditations are deeply restorative and a great way to end the week. This is for intuitive expansion, connection, relaxation & healing. Merrill reads crystal card messages for the group, oracle messages, as well as individual messages that create a theme geared toward each person. No prior experience with meditation required.

Friday May 15

715pm ET - 8:15pm ET (Virtually)

Cost: $20.00

To learn more contact Merrill at 914 793-2600 or at

And don't forget to visit for new flower essences, tinctures, and teas made by Leslie. Plants appear when we need them and Leslie's creations are the answer to that call. She's also happy to answer any questions about herbs and plant medicine - you can contact her via or DM on Instagram

Wishing you many moon blessings,

Leslie and Merrill

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