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Aquarius Full Moon: Oracles and Insights

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Hi Moon Friends! We hope you are practicing lots of self-care and finding gratitude in the crazy energy of these past few weeks. We're all feeling a bit pinched between hard-angled astrology and planetary alignments. There is plenty of content about the current alignments on the web if you'd like to deep dive into what energies are at play, but suffice to say - intensity, woundedness, destiny, clarity, change, and surprises - they are the hosts of this week's full moon. Our Aura Cleanse Practice in this month's Mystical Moon Journal is a great tool for processing the energy of the moon at this time. Even if you can only get in the moonlight for a moment or two, enough to give your body a quick sweep with your hands, that little intentional action can make a world of difference. Let us know if you give it a go :) Wishing you many moon blessings,

Leslie and Merrill

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