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Oracle cards offer a fun way to focus intuition, inspire creativity, and strengthen intuition. We've included space to journal oracle card readings throughout the journal. If you are looking for oracle card inspiration or are just curious about our favorite decks, this list is for you!

Oracle Cards: Work


There are so many oracle cards to choose from. It is fun to explore and see which decks you are drawn toward. You may find that you love a certain deck for a while, and then move on to others. As you evolve and change, you will find new cards that you want to play with. If you prefer to use tarot cards and or any other type of tools for your messages, go for it!

Our current favorites:

Animal Decks

Angel Decks

Fairy Decks

Astrology Deck/Elementals/Moon Decks

Mystical Oracle Decks:

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Oracle Cards: Text
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