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Throughout the journal we use all of the above. Tune into how you feel before any of these practices, throughout the practice,  and once again after you complete them. 
You can journal about the shifts you feel in your mind, body, & soul.

Mudras, Mantras, & Asanas: Work


Chanting is good for the soul... so are using mudras ( hand gestures) mantras ( sounds) & asanas (postures) I began to chant in my early years of Reiki Training where I learned sounds of the chakras. Later on in my RYT yoga teacher training I was taught the bija mantras for the chakras, as well as japa meditation; using mala beads with the 108 chants.

The game-changer for me was when one of my yoga teachers at my healing center, The Temperance Center, (Eastchester, NY) introduced me to LifeForce Yoga.

This led me to my first LifeForce Yoga Workshop with Amy Weintraub (Founder of The LifeForce Yoga Healing Institute) and my further trainings at The LifeForce Yoga Healing Institute. with the Current Director/Owner Rose Kress, ERYT-500, CIAYT.

Why does LifeForce Yoga speak to me? It helps meet my mood by the use of visualization, mudras, mantras, breath-work, and asanas.

Although I used mudras while taking yoga classes and in my RYT training, it was through the teachings of Rose, that I began to explore even further about mudras and their benefits.

There are a plethora of benefits of doing mudras, mantras, & asanas. I will just simply say what do mudra’s, mantras, & asanas offer me? They help shift my mind, body, & soul; so I can have inner and outer peace.

Try them. They are fun to do, are oh SO good for you, and can help to shift your mood. Who wouldn't want that?



Mudras, Mantras, & Asanas: Text
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