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Plants, flowers, and herbs offer their healing energy to us freely and with great love. They carry both physical and energetic properties that support our health and well-being. Although we've included some of our favorites throughout the book, there are endless alternatives!

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Herbs and Oils

Usually, you can find a great selection of herbs and oils at your local apothecary, farmers' market, or natural foods store. Growing your own herbs - even just one or two - is a great way to learn about herbs and create extra special magic.

If you don't have a local shop or space to grow, here are a few websites where you can purchase herbs and essential oils:

Mountain Rose Herbs

Offers ethically sourced, organic herbs, aromatherapy oils, teas, bath, and kitchen supplies.

Monterey Bay Herb Company

Provides premium organic bulk herb botanicals, spices, teas, seasonings, and much more. 

Starwest Botanicals 
Bulk organic herbs, organic spices, loose leaf organic teas, organic essential oils, and aromatherapy supplies are part of the almost 3000 natural products to choose from at Starwest Botanicals.

SunRose Herbs & Oils

Whenever possible, SunRose sources other essential oils directly from the farmers and distillers who create them.

Enfleurage Essential Oils

Enfleurage is New York's first and only store specializing in Aromatics from the Natural World. They import directly from distilleries, bringing in sparkling essential oils from 6 continents.


Etsy is fun place to explore and experiment with herbs and plants while supporting small, independent businesses.

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